Folding Ʌ-shaped stairs are called stepladders. If earlier the main material for the stairs was wood, now most models are made of metal, as a more durable and durable material.

Stepladders are one-sided and two-sided. Everyone who has a dacha, as well as residents of the private sector dream to buy a stepladder After all, it is a convenient folding design that allows you to quickly access the height. Small neat step-ladders will be useful in the office, in the archive, and in the store. You can buy a stepladder made of wood for the house. Such models look like a stool, on which you can sit in the kitchen. Small metal models with two steps are convenient for domestic use. Anyone who decides to buy a ladder of a small height will always have convenient access to the upper shelves and entresols.

And, of course, step-ladders are the most popular auxiliary structures during repair, decoration of premises, during assembly and technical works. Professional ladders are made of steel and aluminum, wood and fiberglass. For each activity, you can choose the optimal step-ladder. Before you buy a ladder, you should consider the maximum working height at which you will perform the actions, as well as the height of the ceiling in the room.

If you need a ladder, mainly for repair work, then comfortable models for you will be stepladders with a shelf where you can put tools. If during work at height you use a bucket (washing windows, painting, harvesting), pay attention to the stepladder with a hook.

As a rule, all the ladders during storage do not take up much space. Compactly folded into a flat ladder, fixtures are conveniently stored along walls, on a balcony or in a pantry.

Before you buy a ladder, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with their characteristics.

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