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Universal fork for formwork VIRASTAR

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Unifork for formwork VIRASTAR made of 4 mm thick steel. Weight 1.9 kg.


Universal fork for formwork VIRASTAR is designed to securely hold the beams above the formwork racks:

  • due to the universal fork, the position of the beam is fixed;
  • the beam is laid on the horizontal crown plate;
  • crown (universal fork) ensures reliable docking of beams over the formwork stand;
  • universal fork eliminates beam bias in the transverse direction;
  • corners for holding 25x25x4 mm;
  • the pipe of the universal fork is fixed with the formwork stand;
  • the universal fork for formwork VIRASTAR has a reliable welded construction;
  • installation of the formwork accessories is simple and fast.

Download the quality certificate: sert_stijk_virastar_230624.pdf

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