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Aluminum two-section ladder DUOMAX VIRASTAR 2x11 steps

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Aluminum two-section ladder DUOMAX VIRASTAR 2x118 steps - section length 3.1 m, total length 4.48 m, weight 10.8 kg.


The aluminum two-section ladder DUOMAX VIRASTAR 2x11 steps is made on an automatic line, which is located in Ukraine:

  • the crossbars are connected to the sidewalls using modern technology on an automatic machine;
  • square steps with relief on all sides;
  • corrugation of the crossbars provides a convenient rise and descent with minimal slippage;
  • aluminum two-section ladder DUOMAX VIRASTAR 2x11 steps folds out into several working positions;
  • accessible positions for work: a ladder and a bilateral step-ladder;
  • horizontal traverse adds stability;
  • the crosshead is equipped on both sides with anti-slip support tips;
  • vertical sidewalls with ends are equipped with plastic plugs;
  • sections extend on strong metal guides which are designed for multi-cycle operation;
  • the staircase is made of aluminum profile produced in Ukraine;
  • the surface does not corrode over time, so the staircase has a significant service life;
  • aluminum two-section ladder DUOMAX VIRASTAR 2x11 steps is suitable for indoor and outdoor use;
  • can be used both with emphasis on the wall, and in the middle of the room;
  • maximum load of 150 kg;
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty;
  • made in Ukraine.

Download the certificate: sertyf_drabyny_virastar_23_24.jpg.

Download the passport-instructions: pasport_duomax.pdf

VDL028 2x8 2,25 m 2,15 m 3,08 m 3,50 m 3,75 m 3,98 m 2,25х0,39х0,13 m 8,1 kg
VDL029 2x9 2,50 m 2,40 m 3,60 m 3,75 m 4,00 m 4,75 m 2,50х0,39х0,13 m 9,0 kg
VDL211 2x11 3,10 m 2,95 m 4,48 m 4,30 m 4,55 m 5,33 m 3,10х0,39х0,13 m 10,8 kg

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