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Aluminum single-section ladder UNOMAX VIRASTAR 6 steps

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Aluminum single-section ladder UNOMAX VIRASTAR 6 steps - made of a reinforced profile with an additional stiffening rib.


The aluminum single-section ladder UNOMAX VIRASTAR 6 steps is a product of Ukrainian production:

  • the staircase has a simple reliable design and is applied with emphasis on the wall or on another surface;
  •  aluminum single-section ladder UNOMAX VIRASTAR 6 steps is made on an automatic line;
  • production facilities are located in Ukraine;
  • the steps are attached to the sidewalls using modern technology;
  • steps of square section with a comprehensive relief against unwanted slipping;
  • the surface of the aluminum ladder is not susceptible to corrosion;
  • sidewalls are equipped with protective end caps made of plastic;
  • for the stairs used aluminum profile of production of Ukraine;
  • a single-section ladder does not need to be laid out - it is always ready for operation;
  • simple and convenient storage due to the small thickness of the stairs;
  • the ladder can be transported on the trunk of the car using special fasteners;
  • aluminum single-section ladder UNOMAX VIRASTAR 6 steps suitable for outdoor and indoor use;
  • maximum load of 150 kg;
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty;
  • made in Ukraine.

Download the certificate: sertyf_drabyny_virastar_23_24.jpg.

Download the passport-instructions: pasport_instrukcia_unomax.pdf

VSL00661,68 m2,90 m33,5 cm2,5 kg
VSL00771,95 m3,20 m33,5 cm2,9 kg
VSL00882,25 m3,50 m33,5 cm3,3 kg
VSL00992,55 m3,80 m33,5 cm3,7 kg
VSL010102,80 m4,05 m33,5 cm3,9 kg
VSL011113,10 m4,30 m33,5 cm4,5 kg
VSL012123,35 m4,60 m33,5 cm5,7 kg
VSL014143,90 m5,30 m35,0 cm6,6 kg
VSL015154,19 m5,65 m35,0 cm6,8 kg
VSL016164,47 m6,00 m35,0 cm7,2 kg
VSL017174,75 m6,35 m39,0 cm7,8 kg
VSL018185,04 m6,70 m39,0 cm8,2 kg


Scope of application semiprofessional
Material aluminum
Number of steps 6 steps
Overall Height 1.7 m
Working height of ladders and stepladders 2.9 m
Width 33.5 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Maximum load 150 kg
Guarantee 1 year

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