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Aluminum three-section ladder TRIOMAX VIRASTAR 3x9 steps

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Aluminum three-section ladder TRIOMAX VIRASTAR 3x9 steps section length 2,5 m, total length 5,3 m, weight 13,5 kg.


Three-section aluminum ladder TRIOMAX VIRASTAR 3x9 steps is made in Ukraine:

  • one three-section ladder is displayed in several working positions:
  • α-stepladder,
  • Ʌ-shaped bilateral step-ladder,
  • fully extended ladder,
  • the last section as a separate ladder + two-sided stepladder;
  • all steps have a comprehensive relief against sliding when climbing;
  • the crossbars are securely attached to the sidewalls on the automatic production line;
  •  TRIOMAX VIRASTAR 3x9 steps aluminum three-section ladder is equipped with a large horizontal stabilizer that adds stability;
  • the stabilizer is equipped with anti-slip support tips from both ends;
  • guides for ladder sections are designed for multi-cycle operation;
  • weatherproof belts tighten sections and do not allow excessive separation;
  • sidewalls from ends have protective plastic caps;
  • aluminum hooks fix the ladder in the folded position when it is transported or stored;
  • TRIOMAX VIRASTAR 3x9 steps aluminum three-section ladder replaces several different types of ladders at once;
  • maximum load of 150 kg;
  • 1 year warranty;
  • made in Ukraine.

Download the certificate: sertyf_drabyny_virastar_23_24.jpg.

Download passport: pasport_instrukcia_triomax.pdf

VTL0363x61,70 m1,60 m2,36 m3,36 m2,70 m2,95 m3,45 m4,85 m8,60 kg
VTL0373х71,95 m1,85 m2,95 m4,20 m2,95 m3,20 m3,75 m5,10 m10,0 kg
VTL0383х82,25 m2,10 m3,20 m4,50 m3,20 m3,45 m4,00 m5,40 m11,2 kg
VTL0393х92,50 m2,40 m3,75 m5,30 m3,50 m3,75 m4,55 m6,20 m12,5 kg
VTL3103х102,80 m2,70 m4,30 m6,15 m3,75 m4,00 m5,10 m7,00 m14,1 kg
VTL3113х113,10 m3,00 m4,60 m6,45 m4,05 m4,30 m5,40 m7,30 m16,2 kg
VTL3123x123,35 m3,25 m5,10 m7,30 m4,35 m4,60 m5,65 m7,50 m17,3 kg
Scope of application semiprofessional
Material aluminum
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Number of steps 3x9 steps
Folded length 2.5 m
Working folded/unfolded height 3.5/6.2 m
Weight 12.5 kg
Unfolded length 5.3 m
Maximum load 150 kg
Width 45 cm
Guarantee 1 year

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