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Why VIRASTAR STANDART scaffolding meets DSTU?
Why VIRASTAR STANDART scaffolding meets DSTU?

Scaffolding Ukrainian production VIRASTAR STANDART meet the requirements of DSTU B V.2.8-44:2011 and DSTU B V.2.8-47:2011.

DSTU B V.2.8-44:2011 is a national standard that determines what sites for construction and installation work should be. Another standard - DSTU B V.2.8-47: 2011 - a standard indicating technical conditions for rack-mounted scaffolding.

Why is it better to choose products that have a quality certificate?

Quality standards impose such a bar on products that the product is safe to use and does not have the smallest resource of use.

What technical requirements must scaffolding meet according to DSTU?

In accordance with DSTU, scaffolding structures must withstand the load from their own weight and temporary loads from people, materials and wind. There is also a restriction on the weight of incoming nodes: the mass of assembly elements per worker when manually assembling scaffolding at a construction site should be no more than 25 kg during installation, which is performed at a height.

The standard also stipulates what the surface of scaffolding elements should be: steel structures must be primed and painted at the manufacturer.

To simplify assembly, the VIRASTAR manufacturer paints the nodes in certain colors to make it easier for workers to navigate.

Concerned about the safety of personnel, the following conditions are included in the standard:

  • scaffolding means, the working platform of which is located at a height of 1.3 m or more from the ground or ceiling, must have a fence;
  • sharp edges, burrs, cracks, shells, delaminations are not allowed on metal parts and elements;
  • the bearing elements of the railing of platforms and stairs must withstand a load of 400 N.

According to DSTU B V.2.8-47:2011, pipes for the manufacture of scaffolding elements must be without threading, straight, without dents, cracks and other defects that violate the strength of the elements.

The standards also contain clarifications regarding decking:

  • wooden boards for scaffolding flooring should be made of coniferous boards of the 2nd grade;
  • upon agreement with the customer, scaffolding can be supplied without decking boards.

For specialists, information is provided regarding the strength of steel assemblies:

  • strength (tensile strength) of steel bearing elements should be in the range of 370-480 MPa;
  • the strength (tensile strength) of the steel elements of the fence should be in the range of 360-460 MPa.

What is tensile strength?

Tensile strength (tensile strength) is the stress corresponding to the greatest load preceding destruction. In other words, it is the ability of a solid to resist deformation or fracture under load.

The blanks from which VIRASTAR scaffolding is made undergo incoming control, where the value of steel strength is checked.

According to DSTU, the warranty period for the operation of scaffolding is at least 12 months from the date of commencement of operation, provided that the consumer complies with the rules for operation, transportation and storage.

Buyers who want to buy scaffolding from the Virastar manufacturer receive an official 1 year warranty, which is in line with the standard.

The VIRASTAR plant produces scaffolding in accordance with DSTU standards, which indicates the quality of high-rise structures, their durability and safety of use.

If you plan to buy scaffolding, make sure that the package includes a passport with instructions for use.

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