• 31 May 2023
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Ladder for picking fruit - which is better?
Ladder for picking fruit - which is better?

The hot summer season is approaching, when fruits ripen on the trees in the garden. Climbing a tree or attaching an old makeshift ladder is pretty unsafe. Which stairs to choose for the garden?

The simplest option is a single-section aluminum ladder. It is always ready for work, it does not need to be laid out, and the working height of VIRASTAR UNOMAX ladders can reach from 3 to 6.7 m. this is the fate of steel products that do not have a protective layer on the surface (paint or galvanized coating). Aluminum structures are consistently excellent in appearance and have a characteristic metallic sheen due to the fact that a protective layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface.

If you want to have a more functional ladder, pay attention to the two-section models VIRASTAR DUOMAX, which unfold into a double-sided stepladder and into a lean-to ladder. Thus, you get a design that is compactly stored (the length of the folded ladder 2x8 is only 2.25 m, while the height of the unfolded ladder is more than 3 m), can be used for access to greater heights in the position of the unfolded ladder and used in the position 2-sided ladder without tree or wall support. An additional advantage of the 2-section ladder is the presence of a stabilizer, which ensures a stable position in any position.

As you know, the ripest fruits hang at the top of the tree. To get to the upper branches, you will need a three-section ladder VIRASTAR TRIOMAX. You can put the ladder not at the very trunk, but anywhere under the tree. Forget about thin branches that can break off under your foot. You can collect cherries, cherries, apricots from all over the tree. 

If you are in doubt about whether to buy a ladder to harvest fruit, think ahead. An aluminum ladder that you can buy at a discount directly from the manufacturer will serve you for many years, since aluminum structures are not destroyed by rust, they are not afraid of rain or high humidity in which they are stored. You will receive a manufacturer's warranty. VIRASTAR ladders have been tested for compliance with European standards EN131, received an inspection certificate from the German organization of experts TUV SUD.

Buying a ladder means providing yourself with equipment for access to heights for several years to come. If you have a need to climb higher - we will help you!

Call us - we will tell you what kind of ladder we have, you can buy it at a discount and with the cheapest delivery!

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