• 8 August 2023
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A ladder to conduct the Internet
A ladder to conduct the Internet

Today, the Internet has become a necessary means of obtaining information, communication, education, work, making payments, shopping, selling, etc. If you are reading this article, you also use the Internet. Providers at the request of the client are trying to extend the Internet to every home, to every place where people are:

  • to you for work,
  • in a cafe
  • to the stations,
  • to medical institutions,
  • to shops etc.

We are so used to using the Internet that its absence has a painful effect on our rest and, of course, on our work.

How do employees of the provider company lay the Internet cable?

Often this has to be done using a ladder. When the Internet cable is pulled parallel to the electrical wires, you have to use a ladder if the lines run several meters above the ground, not underground.

Every year, tree branches grow and often reach the wires stretched above the ground. Workers who "pull" the Internet must cut branches, and to perform this task there is nowhere without a ladder.

What ladders are the most convenient for laying the Internet?

Since it is often necessary to fix the cable on poles, to place switches at a distance from the ground, a fairly high ladder is required. Ideally, it should be both an attached ladder and a stepladder "in one bottle". The Virastar company has such a ladder that anyone can buy - it is a three-section aluminum ladder VIRASTAR TRIOMAX 3x9 steps. Its length is 2.5 m. Weight is 13.5 kg. By fully unfolding such a ladder and attaching it to a pole, you will be able to work at a height of up to 6.2 m.

Such ladders can be fixed at the top, on the roof of a car. The length of the ladder in the folded position allows the car to maneuver freely on the roads, without protruding beyond the dimensions of the car and without interfering with other cars.

You have probably seen cars with a ladder on top more than once. It could very well be an employee of a company that lays the Internet.

Aluminum ladders can be unhooked at night if there is a fastener-lock. Aluminum ladders do not rust under atmospheric influences and rain, their surface is not destroyed due to heat or excessive humidity. The strength of aluminum alloys used in the production of ladders is about 150-350 MPa. Aluminum alloys alloyed with silicon and magnesium are used for the production of construction profiles. An oxide protective layer is formed on the surface of the aluminum product, which prevents the destruction of the metal. Therefore, aluminum is preferred over steel when the product does not require super high strength and it is impractical to increase the price due to anti-corrosion coating.

Why VIRASTAR TRIOMAX is an ideal ladder for laying the Internet?

  • strong,
  • light,
  • foldable
  • compact, suitable for transportation on the roof of a car,
  • can be used as a stepladder, alpha-stepladder and as a side ladder.

The ladder is made in Ukraine, which is especially important now!

We invite you to buy a three-section ladder at the best price directly from the manufacturer!

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