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Our top 3 offers for painting jobs
Our top 3 offers for painting jobs

If you are planning to make repairs in a room (in an apartment, in a country house, in a private house, or if it is necessary at the workplace), you will certainly need a means of access to a height. We offer several options for climbing to heights. All these structures are made by us, the Ukrainian company VIRASTAR, tested for compliance with DSTU or EN131 standards (aluminum stairs). The models have been tested and received positive feedback from our customers who have already used the equipment for private purposes or in professional activities.

1. Aluminum ladders NOVA

Standing on a stool, you can work at a height of about 2 m, and climbing the steps of a stepladder, you will get an additional working height of up to 3.6 m.

What is the working height of the ladder?

Working height is the distance from the ground to the level of the hands of a person working on a ladder, stepladder or scaffold.

How is working height calculated?

The formula for calculating the working height is very simple - this is the sum of the height of the site (or the height from the ground to the step of the ladder on which the person stands) and the height of the person with their hands raised for work (averaged to be 2 m). When choosing a height access tool, you evaluate what kind of work it will be used for. Approximately determine the working height (if you plan to lift indoors, this is a working height of 3 - 3.5 m, for outdoor work, the working height may be higher). Open the specification table provided by the manufacturer and select the height access tool according to the working height you need. If in doubt, just in case, it is better to buy a stepladder of a higher height than originally planned.

  • Ladder Advantages:
  • Easy to get up
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be placed in tight spaces
  • Stores compactly.

VIRASTAR NOVA aluminum ladders can withstand 150 kg of load, have anti-slip steps and a platform, and high models (5 steps and above) are additionally equipped with a bucket hook so that you do not go down when working at height. Single-sided ladders have a high roll bar that you can hold on to for a secure ride.

2. The next option for painting work will be steel scaffolding VIRASTAR Master.

The narrow platform is specially designed so that you can move it from room to room along the corridor and pass through the doorway. A small platform of 0.6 x 1.5 m is enough for you to comfortably sit at a height with paint and a paint tray next to you. What is especially convenient for working indoors is that the scaffolds have straight legs, there are no expanding bases, which, although they add additional stability, take up more space.

Designed specifically by order of foremen, scaffolding combines all possible advantages:

  • hatch in the deck;
  • wheels with foot brake
  • anti-slip surface
  • high railings,
  • the ability to install the platform on any crossbar,
  • a large working platform where you can step left and right and place materials and tools,
  • conditions for long-term work.

3. VIRASTAR STEPPER is a professional design for working at height. The difference between the stilts and the usual double-sided step-ladder is the ability for the master to move the ladder without going down to the ground. The stilt allows you to stand on it with an emphasis on two legs on two sections of a stepladder. Experienced workers can step on the stilts by moving the center of gravity to one side, then moving one section, and then the second, thus stepping directly on the stilted ladder.

The ladders are made of wood and have a chain to hold the sections. Metal hinges provide folding and unfolding of the step-ladder. Stairs with a number of steps from 2x4 to 2x7 are available to choose from. You can work standing on a double-sided stepladder, and move it by descending to the ground if you don't have experience of "walking" on a stilts. In any case, working on a double-sided ladder provides:

  • stable working position with emphasis on both sections,
  • non-slip wooden rails,
  • the ability to work both against the wall and in the middle of the room.

For all height access devices discussed here, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty. The Ukrainian manufacturer VIRASTAR takes care of its customers and provides high quality products. This is confirmed by certificates for compliance with DSTU, which each client can get acquainted with.

If you have any questions about which staircase to buy for renovation, call us and we will help you with the choice!

We wish you successful shopping!

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