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Three-section ladder: purpose and use
Three-section ladder: purpose and use

What is a three-section ladder? This is a ladder that has 3 sections fastened together (one section can be removable). Such models provide much greater access to height. Three-section stairs can be folded out as follows:

  • alpha stepladder (inverted letter U),
  • double-sided stepladder
  • extension ladder.

For what kind of work is it convenient to use three-section ladders?

Lamp repair and lamp replacement

The ladder in the α-stepladder position stands stably on the ground, without resting on a vertical support (post or wall). Possibility of height adjustment – this is an additional advantage of a 3-section ladder.

Work on flights of stairs

At the entrance, in public institutions, when you need to do repairs or other work, a universal three-section staircase with a flight of stairs function will be useful. But not all three-section ladders can be folded out to work on steps. To do this, the third section must be removed to support the two-section stepladder. This point needs to be clarified with the seller if you decide to buy a three-section ladder.

Replacing advertising on billboards

Advertising billboards require periodic maintenance and replacement. By placing a three-section ladder in front of the banner in the alpha step-ladder position or leaning against a ladder extended to its maximum, you can replace the advertising material.

Laying Internet lines

Internet company workers often use 3-section ladders to pull Internet cables. The ladder can be transported on the roof of the car, attached to the roof rack.

Equipment repair outdoors and indoors

Three-section ladders are used for repairing sensors and equipment in production and workshops. In gyms, schools, and shops, ladders made of three sections are also suitable for working at heights.

At the construction site

When building housing or other structures, you need to climb to secure something, install or debug. You can’t do without such a universal tool as a three-section ladder.

For access to the roof

When you need to carry out repair work on the roof and there is no way to get to the roof from the inside, you can do this by climbing a three-section ladder, if height allows.

Repair of doors with roller shutters

In markets, some pavilions are equipped with roller shutters. To service them, it is advisable to use a three-section ladder.

Three-section ladders are widely used both in the professional sphere and in everyday life, for example, in the countryside for picking fruit or repairing a building. Here you will find high-quality three-section stairs that meet European standards EN 131 and Ukrainian DSTU.

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