• 5 July 2023
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VIRASTAR is the very first Ukrainian manufacturer of stepladders!
VIRASTAR is the very first Ukrainian manufacturer of stepladders!

The very first manufacturer of aluminum ladders in Ukraine is VIRASTAR! How did we get there?

It all started with the production of scaffolds, towers and scaffolding. Steel was used for this. We welded metal pipes into strong structures for access to heights. For the platforms, we took moisture-resistant marine plywood with anti-slip corrugation to make it safe to work at height.

Gradually expanding the range of production, we launched the production of one-section, two- and three-section ladders made of aluminum profiles. The Ukrainian market needed high-quality aluminum stairs, but not for all the money in the world. Subsequently, we mastered the production of articulated stairs, and made both reinforced TRANSFORMER models from a profile with a stiffener, and standard articulated stairs ACROBAT 4x3, 4x4, 4x5 steps.

In the difficult year of 2023, we took a step forward against all odds and started producing NOVA aluminum ladders. This is a very popular type of ladder, they are most often bought - simple one-sided ladders, which are used both at work and at home.

NOVA aluminum one-sided ladders combine the main things the user needs:

  • lightweight and durable non-shaky construction;
  • the ability to withstand a significant load;
  • anti-slip steps and platform;
  • high safety handrail, which is comfortable to hold;
  • hook for hanging a bucket (on models with a number of steps from 5 or more);
  • Anti-slip PVC feet.

Stepladder accessories (plugs on the steps, support plugs, hook, tie-down straps) are made in the blue color traditional for VIRASTAR.

The model range of aluminum ladders assumes the presence of stairs with the number of steps from 3 to 8.

Each aluminum stepladder has a load capacity of 150kg, enough for you to safely climb up with the tool to get the job done.

The upper working platform with an area of 260x260 mm is corrugated so that the legs do not slip on the metal.

VIRASTAR NOVA aluminum ladder, which you can buy on the manufacturer's website, has a quality certificate, which indicates that it meets the requirements of DSTU B V.2.8-44:2011.

A 1-year official manufacturer's warranty is provided. We ship our products by a carrier convenient for you. We will advise which is the cheapest delivery.

If you have any questions - about discounts, payment methods, delivery - call! We will gladly tell you everything!

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We wish you successful shopping!

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