• 19 March 2024
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How can you not use a ladder?
How can you not use a ladder?

Ladders and stepladders are manufactured to ensure safety and ease of climbing. But if you use it incorrectly, even the most expensive ladder can harm your health.

How to use a ladder incorrectly?

It would seem that everyone can use such a simple tool as a ladder correctly. But there are some points to consider.

Common mistakes when using stairs

  • Placing a ladder too close to a wall

If you place a ladder very close to a wall, there is a risk of falling off it. There is an approximate formula for the proportion 1:4 - this is the distance to the wall in relation to the height. If we express this ratio through the angle of inclination of the stairs, then it should be 65-75º.

  • Setting up a stepladder or ladder on uneven ground

Be sure to make sure that the ladder is on level ground, with all legs touching the ground at the same time. This is a prerequisite for using ladders or stepladders. Slippery floors or uneven ground may cause the ladder to fall when you climb it. If you want to use a ladder or stepladder in the garden, use special spokes for soil. This way the ladder or stepladder will stand firmly on the ground. When you need to use a ladder on multi-level surfaces, for example, on curbs or on steps, use a telescopic ladder or a three-section one with a flight of stairs function.

  • Top 3 steps of a ladder - taboo

Do not stand on the last 3 steps of a ladder, as this may cause you to fall. There is also a rule for ladders leaning against the roof - the ladder must protrude above the roof by at least 1 m.

  • Belt Buckle Rule

Do not lean excessively to the side when standing on a ladder or stepladder. There is an unspoken rule about belt buckling - the belt buckle should always be between the sides of the ladder while working. This way you don’t risk falling by leaning too far to the left or right. It happens that we need to do the work a little further, and we deviate an extra couple of centimeters, but this may result in the ladder falling. It's better to go down and rearrange the stairs. If you think that frequently rearranging the ladder is inconvenient, you can buy scaffolding. They have a large working platform and allow you to take a couple of steps left and right.

Be aware of the mistakes other people have made while using ladders and avoid making the same mistakes yourself. When working on stairs, think about your safety first.

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