• 16 November 2023
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How to unfold the hinged ladder in different positions?
How to unfold the hinged ladder in different positions?

TRANSFORMER VIRASTAR - multifunctional four-section ladder. This series produces ladders with 3x4, 4x4, 5x4 steps. Thanks to the convenient hinge system, the folding ladder can be easily and quickly unfolded in various positions. We will show you all the provisions one by one.

Double-sided stirrup

The foldable hinged ladder is delivered in the stowed position. Place the ladder on the ground with the stabilizers down. Grasp the moving parts of the hinges one at a time on each side, pull them away and release. Raise the extreme section of the ladder to 90°. Move the petals of the hinges back again and release them. Lift the end of the ladder up. Perform similar actions on the other side of the ladder. You will get a ladder folded in half. Also unlock the middle hinges. Place the two halves of the ladder at a certain width. Congratulations - you have laid out the ladder as a two-sided stepladder!

Attachable ladder

Take the ladder placed in the position of a two-sided stepladder. Unlock the middle hinges and raise one half of the ladder, do it again – the ladder will unfold in the attached position. This is the maximum height position that provides the highest working height. Place the ladder against a vertical surface (wall or post) and climb up to work.

Ladder with console

Get off the ladder. Unlock one of the extreme hinges, bend the ladder in the letter G. This position is called the "ladder with the console". It is convenient to use near the roof of a one-story building, when you need to lean against the wall, but at the same time distance yourself from it.

Work platform

Unlock the hinge on the other side, bend the other extreme section of the ladder, and you have a working platform. The articulated ladder TRANSFORMER VIRASTAR 3x4 is supplied with plywood decking, which turns the ladder into a full-fledged working platform. Working on such a platform, you will be able to cover a wide range of work by taking several steps on the platform.

Accordion ladder

Unlock the middle hinges and press on the middle part of the platform so that the ladder becomes an M. Then unlock the outer hinges and bend the side sections of the ladder. Fully fold the ladder for compact storage or transport.

For complete information, watch the video we made for each TRANSFORMER VIRASTAR ladder!

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