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What scaffolding to choose for repair?
What scaffolding to choose for repair?

If you have ever had to make repairs in your life, you, of course, know that you cannot do without means of access to heights. Which is more convenient? Stool? Goats? Table? Construction scaffolding is the most convenient.

Why is scaffolding the best option for renovation?

Unlike a low stool or a table that is too high, the platform can be adjusted in height. For this purpose, the scaffolding is equipped with side ladders so that the worker can place the flooring at a suitable height. To repair the ceiling, install the working platform higher, and if the upcoming work front is walls, then the flooring can be placed on the lower rungs of the side ladders of the scaffolding. Then you can take a few steps sideways, having completed one section of work, move on to the next.

Which scaffolding to choose for repairs?

Criteria for selecting scaffolding:

Height (room and scaffold)

For renovation of apartments, houses, and basements, small mini scaffolds are suitable, because the ceiling height is small. If you need to repair public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, shops, you will need higher scaffolding. For halls, halls, large rooms - choose only large scaffolds.

Platform length

A long platform is convenient because you can walk on it back and forth, doing work along a wide front, without moving the scaffolding means. This platform will accommodate tools and consumables. But small scaffolds are more convenient to turn; they easily pass along the corridor and slide into doors.

Wheels or support feet

All VIRASTAR scaffolds are equipped with swivel wheels. But if necessary, they can be removed by placing the scaffolding on fixed square supports, if it is more convenient to perform the work on a fixed platform.

Material type: steel or aluminum

Both steel and aluminum scaffolding can withstand quite high loads. A significant difference between steel and aluminum scaffolding is their own weight. If transportation conditions require that the structure be of minimal weight (for example, so that one person can easily carry it), then you should give preference to aluminum scaffolding, for example, VIRASTAR PETROS, their weight is only 18 kg.

So, in order.

Depending on the height of the ceiling of the room where you are making repairs, choose scaffolding of the following height:

  • 2 m,
  • 3m,
  • 4 m.

To renovate a room where the ceiling height is 3 m, choose VIRASTAR Master 300 mini scaffolds with a height of 2 m. They will conveniently pass through doors and provide a working height of 3 m. Construction mini scaffolds can be easily assembled by one person.

To carry out repairs to work premises where the ceiling height is from 3 to 4 m, you should choose construction scaffolds with a height of 3 m, which will allow you to work at a height of up to 4 m. These can be mobile construction scaffolds Mini M2. The expanded base is designed to ensure that the scaffolding is as stable as possible. Athletes know that in order to give the body a stable position, you need to place your feet not together, but shoulder-width apart.

Construction and renovation crews choose professional 4m high scaffolding, such as the Moby 370, which has several advantages:

  • large working platform 185x60 cm;
  • total height 3.7 m;
  • working height up to 5 m;
  • by removing the intermediate side ladders, you will get a lower scaffolding;
  • the possibility of installation on a flight of stairs, which not every construction scaffold can boast of.

Scaffolding, unlike stepladders, has a large working platform. You can put a paint brush or roller next to you, put a can of paint or whitewash, any necessary tool or consumables. You won’t have to go downstairs again to get the necessary thing for repair, because... everything will be at hand. Also, you will always have two steps to spare - there is less need to move the access device to a height when working against the wall.

If you plan to repair between floors - painting, whitewashing, repairing electrical networks or installing surveillance cameras, choose scaffolding with a staircase function. This can be a Master or Moby construction scaffold, but not the smallest, but 2.8 m / 3.7 m high.

Select scaffolding according to the working height (distance from the ground to the level at which work is being done). If you are at a loss as to which scaffolding to buy, call us - our qualified, polite managers are ready to advise you!

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