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Which towers are suitable for repairing schools?
Which towers are suitable for repairing schools?

Every school undergoes renovations every year during the summer holidays, when children are not studying. In some schools, desks are painted, in some - walls, in others - sports and assembly halls.

Repair can be:

  • Cosmetic (painting walls and floors, re-sticking wallpaper, whitewashing the ceiling);
  • Capital (plastering walls followed by painting, replacing windows, laying linoleum, laying electrical wires for lighting);
  • Luxury (individual plan-project, creation of uniquely designed premises).

To repair walls and ceilings, you will need equipment for access to heights.

If the school only requires renovation of walls in the hallway or classrooms, VIRASTAR Moby or Master scaffolding is suitable. They can be installed on flights of stairs to paint the walls and ceiling there as well. The Moby 280 scaffolding is suitable for rooms with a ceiling height of 3.5 m. The Master 300 scaffolding can be used for a ceiling height of 3 m.

An alternative to scaffolding can be the VIRASTAR FORWARD 1+1 tower, which has a flooring of 2x0.6 m, a height of 2.6 m and fits perfectly in narrow passages and corridors.

For renovation of a sports hall (repair of walls and ceilings, painting, replacement of lamps), a VIRASTAR OPTIMA tower-tour with a platform area of 1.2x2 m is suitable. For a sports hall with a height of 6 m, you can choose an OPTIMA 3+1 tower. Its working height is up to 6.1 m, and the total height is 5.1 m. The height of the tower can be adjusted from 2.7 m to 20.7 m by adding intermediate sections. The decking is installed at a suitable height on the side rails. The tower can be used not only for internal, but also for external repairs.

After completing repairs in one area, the tower tower can be moved to another place; this is the difference between the tower tower and scaffolding, which does not have wheels and cannot move freely. But high-altitude equipment can only be moved when all workers have descended from it.

When you need to repair a room with height differences, for example, an assembly hall with a stage, a staircase, it is convenient to use a COMPACT tower-tour. It can be equipped with a step kit (additional lower frame with ties and shoes). The height of the COMPACT tower is from 2.6 m to 7.4 m. The choice must be made based on the height of the school premises where the renovation will be done.

Is it advisable to spend money on a tower tour when you still need to buy materials?

Considering that schools are periodically undergoing renovations, high-altitude equipment will definitely be needed. And next year you won’t have to look for where to borrow a ladder to paint the walls, because you will already have a tower for school renovations.

The tour tower can be easily folded and disassembled, sections can be stacked. The surface is protected from corrosion by powder painting. Each steel tour tower, which you can buy at a discount, has a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

If the school is partially destroyed with damage to the walls, ceiling and floor, reconstruction construction will be required and other construction machinery and equipment will be needed such as formwork, trolleys, scaffolding, concrete mixer, etc.

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