Aluminum box

  • Description

Aluminum box for universal use:

  • aluminum box is made of sheet alloyed aluminum;
  • in the large interior space of the box you can transport and store massive objects, as well as a heavy tool;
  • the aluminum box can be used for transportation of food products, long preserving their freshness;
  • the aluminum box is manufactured with reliable welds;
  • the moisture inside the aluminum box can not penetrate even during prolonged storage or transportation;
  • aluminum container is easy to clean and maintain;
  • the box can support the temperature regime for a long time in the internal volume;
  • the aluminum box is resistant to heat and to extreme temperatures (-40 ° C to + 180 ° C);
  • the case of the box is shock-resistant, absorbs deformation, keeping objects placed inside it;
  • box of aluminum is resistant to weathering and corrosion;
  • in the aluminum box does not get sand, dust, spray, salt, moisture;
  • the box material (aluminum alloy) is neutral to the magnetic field, so it can be used in laboratories where it is impossible to use steel boxes;
  • the aluminum box is heat and current-carrying, so it can be used to transport electrical equipment;
  • the aluminum box has a folding cover;
  • practical boxing can be used in many spheres (industry, logistics, science, food industry, etc.).

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Internal dimensions, mm External dimensions, mm Capacity, l Weight, kg
ALUBOXA40 540х340х220 555х367х240 40 2,6
ALUBOXA81 760х350х300 775х375х320 81 4,4
ALUBOXB29 400х300х245 430х330х275 29 2,8
ALUBOXB47 550х350х245 580х380х275 47 3,6
ALUBOXB70 565х350х350 595х390х380 70 4,1
ALUBOXB90 750х350х350 780х380х380 90 4,9
ALUBOXB140 870х460х350 900х490х380 140 6,2
ALUBOXB184 760х530х457 790х560х487 184 8,2
ALUBOXD29 400х300х245 432х335х277 29 3,2
ALUBOXD47 550х350х245 582х385х277 47 4,5
ALUBOXD76 550х353х380 582х388х409 76 5,3
ALUBOXD140 870х460х350 902х495х379 140 8,0
ALUBOXD157 750х550х380 782х585х412 157 8,2
ALUBOXD163 1150х350х380 1182х385х412 163 9,5
ALUBOXD240 750х550х590 782х585х622 240 10,0
ALUBOXD400 1500х550х485 1532х585х515 400 19,3
ALUBOXD415 1160х755х485 1192х790х517 415 16,0
ALUBOXR70 500х350х400 522х375х420 70 8,6
ALUBOXR120 600х400х500 622х425х520 120 11,7
ALUBOXR234 750х500х625 772х525х645 234 17,6
ALUBOXR312 1250х500х500 1276х525х520 312 22,7
ALUBOXR375 1500х500х500 1522х525х520 375 26,7
ALUBOXR470 1874х500х500 1896х525х520 470 32,0
ALUBOXU40 352х255х355 387х290х360 40 1,9
ALUBOXU113 745х552х245 780х587х250 113 3,9
ALUBOXU161 745х552х355 780х587х360 161 4,6