Articulated ladder VIRASTAR Acrobat

  • Description

The universal articulated ladder VIRASTAR Acrobat can be transformed into several high-altitude devices, providing convenient work on the elevation:

  • in the design there are 4 sections;
  • a wide range of applications is due to the ability to transform due to hinges;
  • the ladder can be decomposed into a side model;
  • convenient use as a sliding ladder;
  • the model can accept the configuration of the scaffold;
  • it is possible to install metal flooring and use stairs as a platform;
  • metal flooring sheets have anti-slip ribbing;
  • by turning the hinges, the ladder acquires one of the 4 positions;
  • the articulated ladder VIRASTAR Acrobat acquires additional stability due to stabilizers;
  • the model is irreplaceable if you are doing repairs, landscaping the dacha or living in a private house;
  • the articulated ladder VIRASTAR Acrobat is made with corrugated crossbeams;
  • plugs from the ends of the stabilizers ensure that there is no slippage;
  • a compactly folded ladder easily fits in the trunk and is conveniently stored in the pantry;
  • the maximum load on the platform is 100 kg.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Length section, m Stepladder height, m Overall length, m Width, m Weight, kg
AK011 4х3 0,97 1,69 3,46 0,36 12,5
AK016 4х4 1,25 2,21 4,58 0,36 14,1