Stepladders professional

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You can use different devices for climbing, depending on whether you are at home or at work. If at home you can take a chair to reach the top shelf of the cabinet, then at work this option is not always acceptable. For a safe, comfortable climb in the professional field, it is rational to use special means designed for this purpose. The company VIRASTAR is engaged in the production of both domestic models of stairs, and specialized, professional.

Intended for intensive use under constant loading conditions, professional ladders are made of aluminum alloys of sufficiently high strength, with constructive reinforcement of the lower stages. For professional ladders to have a long service life, both sidewalls and steps are made of a reinforced aluminum profile (billets made of large-size aluminum alloy and of increased thickness). As a rule, in order to avoid sliding, the profile sidewalls have a longitudinal relief. Thus, during the ascent and descent, you will hold on to the grooved vertical beams.

The wide model range gives the chance to everyone to buy professional step-ladders for a garden and work with trees, for repair and installation and technical works. Some models are equipped with special shelves for the tool, located in the horizontal plane of the safety rail. This is very convenient for the working person, because it frees the hands and allows you to have the necessary tool always at hand, without going down every time for a screwdriver or a paintbrush.

Large selection of heights makes it possible to choose a professional ladder personally for everyone. Depending on the height of the room where you have to work, you can choose a ladder with the number of steps from 2 to 11, and for working outdoors we offer models with up to 18 bars. Orientation when choosing a professional ladder will help you performance table, where you can find the overall height of the product and the working height at which you can produce work.

One-sided and double-sided professional ladders are presented on our online storefront. Double-sided models allow lifting on both sides of the high-rise fixture, as well as standing at the working height, with two legs resting on the steps of the first and second sections. This additional convenience will be estimated by the experts who are carrying out repair and installation works at height.

All professional ladders are made of aluminum, so they have a relatively small weight, which is convenient when transporting high-altitude equipment. The simple principle of folding ladders makes them one of the most popular models of stairs. If during work you have to deal with a rise to a height, choose professional models that are made from reinforced profiles, and the steps and sidewalls are connected with a fastener of increased reliability. By purchasing professional tools for lifting height, you take care of your own safety and get high-rise equipment for convenient work.