Telescopic ladders

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If you always wanted to have a ladder, but could not afford it because the ladder takes up too much space, then know that there is a way out! For such cases, manufacturers of high-altitude equipment developed the concept of a telescopic ladder. The telescopic ladders, special in their design, hide their real height in an ultra-compact folding structure. Having seen a number of folded telescopic models, you can be deceived about their actual size, so before you buy telescopic ladders, you should completely unfold them. The height of the telescopic ladder directly depends on the number of steps. Telescopic models are usually made with cross-beams of rectangular or square cross section, so as not to enlarge the structure.

The gradual extension of the sections in telescopic ladders occurs in steps of one step, so you can expand the telescopic ladder just as much as you need to work. The selected position is fixed by means of auxiliary elements - pins or locks.

On our online storefront are telescopic ladders of different designs. You can buy telescopic ladders, folding as stepladders, as well as compact attached telescopic models. In any case, you get a device for access to a height, which when folded takes up very little space. The telescopic ladder, which looks like a ladder, can also be decomposed into a ladder model. A separate advantage of such a ladder is the possibility of convenient installation on the flight of stairs. By pushing one section a little more, you get a structure that will stand stably on the steps.

Telescopic ladders are extremely convenient in transportation - if you have to work on the road, then in this case it is difficult to find a ladder more convenient than a telescopic ladder. Put the ladder in the trunk of the car, and you will always have on hand a means to climb the height. Here you can buy a telescopic ladder of suitable height, with the number of steps from 10 to 20, for which we recommend to get acquainted with the characteristics of the stairs. You can get professional advice on choosing a telescopic ladder from our managers by calling the above numbers.