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The tower VIRASTAR ProTUBE, made of aluminum, is used in professional works:

  • the design of the tower is carried out in accordance with the requirements of international safety standards;
  • prefabricated aluminum modules are mounted simply and in the shortest possible time;
  • the tower can be moved to the place of work;
  • the design is provided with high-strength rollers with a diameter of 200 mm;
  • platform 1.2x2.4 m provides enough space for convenient work;
  • the lower side of the work platform does not allow accidental falling of the tool, but also increases safety;
  • guard rails provide safety of work on the tower VIRASTAR ProTUBE;
  • the work can be done at a given height due to the possibility of adjusting the height of the deck;
  • on the crossbeams on which the lifting takes place, anti-slip ribbing is performed;
  • high rigidity of the tower-tours ensures the use of this model at a professional level;
  • lateral profiles and steps are firmly connected to each other;
  • diagonal crossbars fast and securely attached to opposite frames;
  • the stability of the tower VIRASTAR ProTUBE is provided by four corner supports;
  • practical and reliable fixation of stabilizing head;
  • stabilizers have anti-slip tips.
Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Working height, m Weight, kg
 ProTUBE L4_FP 2,4х1,2 2,3 4,1 133
 ProTUBE L6_FP 2,4х1,2  4,4  6,2  177 
 ProTUBE L8_FP 2,4х1,2  6,5  8,3  279 
 ProTUBE L10_FP 2,4х1,2 8,0  9,8  302 
 ProTUBE L12_FP 2,4х1,2  10,7  12,5 410 
 ProTUBE L14_FP 2,4х1,2  12,2  14,0  432 
 ProTUBE S4 0,6х2,4 2,3  4,1  102
 ProTUBE S6 0,6х2,4 4,4  6,2  145 
 ProTUBE S8 0,6х2,4 6,5  8,3  207