Aluminum folding tower VIRASTAR

  • Description

The professional tower VIRASTAR (0,6x1,8 m) made of aluminum meets international safety standards:

  • for production used aluminum alloy;
  • convenient use due to the folding structure;
  • the personnel is placed on a platform measuring 60x180 cm;
  • The professional aluminum tower has sufficient strength;
  • The tower VIRASTAR (0.6x1.8 m) stands steadily on a level surface;
  • the assembly of the structure is characterized by simplicity;
  • the movement of the tower-tours to the required place of work is carried out with the help of rollers with a diameter of 200 mm;
  • Guard rails increase the safety of high-altitude work;
  • The working platform is quickly fastened to the aluminum structure;
  • The step of the bars is convenient for lifting and lowering;
  • Screeds diagonal do not allow twisting of the tower-tours, provide rigidity of a design;
  • mobility and ease of construction due to the use of aluminum profile;
  • The tower VIRASTAR (0.6x1.8 m) complies with the requirements of international safety standards;
  • The mounting bracket significantly speeds up the assembly of the tower;
  • stabilizers significantly increase the stability of the tower;
  • anti-slip bearing tips on stabilizers ensure reliable adhesion to the surface.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Working height, m Weight, kg
S4400-1,0 0,6х1,8 1 2,8  
S4400-2,0 0,6х1,8 2 3,8  
S4400-3,9 0,6х1,8 3,9 5,7 89