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Wooden construction stepladders-stilts VIRASTAR STEPPER 2x5

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Wooden construction stepladders-stilts VIRASTAR STEPPER 2x5 - height 1.6 m, weight 9.5 kg.


Wooden double-sided step-stepladder VIRASTAR STEPPER 2x5 is manufactured in Ukraine and suitable for use in various industries (electrical installation, repair, garden and construction work):

  • due to the easy change of components, an unlimited service life is ensured;
  • dielectric properties make the stepladder irreplaceable for the profession of an electrician;
  • stability of the ladder makes the work at a safe and comfortable height;
  • the construction of the ladder allows the operator, without going down, to move along with the ladder;
  • thus increasing productivity and reducing the cost of forces in the performance of construction, electrical, painting, plastering, use working time is more efficient;
  • collapsible design makes it convenient to transport a compacted ladder;
  • the maximum permissible load on the ladder is 250 kg;
  • the circuits provided in the design prevent the unwrapping;
  • swivel joint with multiple screw fasteners ensures safety when used;
  • price, quality and opportunities of the ladder make it competitive and accessible to a wide range of consumers;
  • is produced in Ukraine from hardwood.

Download the catalog:Virastar_Stepper_ua_en.pdf

1.30 m
2.60 m
7,5 kg
1.60 m
3.20 m
9,5 kg
1.90 m
3.60 m
11 kg
2.20 m
3.90 m
12,5 kg
Scope of application professional
Material wooden
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Number of steps 2x5 steps
Overall Height 1.6 m
Working height of ladders and stepladders 3.2 m
Weight 9.5 kg
Guarantee 1 year

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