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Wooden double-sided stepladder VIRASTAR HOBBY 2x2

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Wooden double-sided stepladder VIRASTAR HOBBY 2x2 - height 40 cm, weight 3.2 kg.


Wooden double-sided stepladder VIRASTAR HOBBY 2x2 (manufactured in Ukraine) is designed for use in electrical, repair, garden and construction works:

  • it is made with the use of a strong steel hinge with a multiple screw fastening;
  • in the production of sidewalls, high-quality wood was used without knots;
  • lifting and descent on the double-sided stepladder VIRASTAR HOBBY 2x2 is carried out on profiled steps with a width of 70 mm;
  • height to the first step 15 cm;
  • step steps 20 cm;
  • the upper platform is 14x33 cm in size, the ladder is suitable for use by the elderly;
  • connection in the spike furniture screw length of 70 mm;
  • metal chain prevents the arbitrary expansion of the ladder;
  • complies with environmental regulations, because wood is used without impregnation.
WSL000052х20.40 m2.20 m3,2 kg
WSL000062х30.63 m2.45 m4,7 kg
WSL000072х40.83 m2.65 m6,3 kg
WSL000082х51.03 m2.95 m8,3 kg
WSL000092х61.25 m3.20 m9,8 kg


Scope of application semiprofessional
Material wooden
Number of steps 2x2 steps
Overall Height 0.4 m
Working height of ladders and stepladders 2.2 m
Weight 3.2 kg
Guarantee 1 year

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