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Double-sided aluminum ladder VIRASTAR GORA 2x6 steps

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Double-sided aluminum ladder VIRASTAR GORA 2x6 steps can withstand a load of 150 kg, 1 year warranty.


Double-sided aluminum stepladder VIRASTAR GORA 2x6 steps made by Ukrainian manufacturer:

  • an additional advantage of the stepladder is a two-sided lift;
  • The steps are made with plastic end caps to cover the edges;
  • Each step has a corrugation against slipping shoes;
  • The sidewalls are connected to the steps with rivets;
  • Two sections fold and unfold thanks to strong hinges;
  • Coupling belts insure against excessive separation of sections;
  • On the legs of the ladder there are anti-slip support tips;
  • Tip material – PVC;
  • the aluminum alloy ladder does not corrode due to the fact that an oxide layer is formed on the surface, which prevents the destruction of the metal;
  • In the folded position, the stepladder is compactly stored;
  • The VIRASTAR factory produces ladders with the number of steps from 2x2 to 2x8;
  • Double-sided aluminum stepladder VIRASTAR GORA 2x6 steps suitable for use at work and at home;
  • The step-ladder is distinguished by a significant service life;
  • Maximum load 150 kg;
  • Double-sided aluminum ladder VIRASTAR GORA 2x6 steps has a 12-month warranty;
  • Country of origin: Ukraine.

Download the certificate:sert_drab_virastar_230624.pdf

VDD022 2x2 0,32 m 0,35 m 2,30 m 0,37х0,38х0,16 m 1,20 kg
VDD023 2x3 0,54 m 0,57 m 2,30 m 0,59х0,40х0,16 m 1,85 kg
VDD024 2x4 0,76 m 0,81 m 2,55 m 0,83х0,42х0,16 m 2,35 kg
VDD025 2x5 0,98 m 1,06 m 2,80 m 1,09х0,44х0,16 m 3,00 kg
VDD026 2x6 1,19 m 1,28 m 3,00 m 1,30х0,46х0,16 m 3,60 kg
VDD027 2x7 1,41 m 1,52 m 3,20 m 1,54х0,48х0,16 m 4,25 kg
VDD028 2x8 1,63 m 1,76 m 3,45 m 1,78х0,50х0,16 m 4,95 kg


Scope of application semiprofessional
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Number of steps 2x6 steps
Maximum load 150 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Material aluminum
Overall Height 1.2 m
Working height of ladders and stepladders 3.0 m
Weight 3.6 kg
Width 46 cm

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