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Set of frame scaffolding 12x12 (M) VIRASTAR

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A set of frame scaffolding 12x12 (M) VIRASTAR with an area of 144 sq.m. Material - steel pipe, the surface is powder coated.


A set of frame scaffolding 12x12 (M) VIRASTAR with an area of 144 sq.m (without decking, crossbars, fences, supports and jacks, which are purchased separately):

  • a set of frame scaffolding VIRASTAR STANDART is used for construction, repair and other works at height;
  • frame scaffoldings of the Ukrainian manufacturer VIRASTAR comply with the requirements of DSTU standards;
  • frame scaffolding has a quality certificate;
  • a passport and installation instructions are included in the kit;
  • assembly of scaffolding is simple due to the use of universal flag locks and the “pipe-to-pipe” installation principle;
  • quick installation makes it possible to immediately start work and complete the project on time;
  • each unit of scaffolding is made of steel and has a protective paint coating;
  • frame scaffolding is erected in height by building up tiers up to 40 m;
  • height of vertical frames 2 m;
  • scaffold cell width 3 m;
  • scaffolding cells are fastened with diagonals crosswise, hence the second name of frame scaffolding is “cross”;
  • through frames provide free passage along the scaffolding tier;
  • ladder frames are designed to climb to the next level;
  • the decks are made of wood;
  • flooring frame material - steel;
  • frame scaffolding can be leveled on uneven terrain using jacks;
  • for buildings with a linear straight facade, frame scaffolding is best suited;
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty;
  • producer Ukraine.
  • kit included:
  • frame with ladder 2 m - 6 pcs.,
  • through passage frame 2 m - 24 pcs.,
  • diagonal 3 m - 12 pcs.,
  • horizontal 3 m - 40 pcs.

Check out the quality certificate sert_rysht_virastar_230624.pdf

You can clarify information regarding the configuration, dimensions and cost from our managers by calling or ordering a call back.

Selection by type of scaffold frame scaffolding
Scope of application professional
Width 1 m
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Guarantee 1 year
Pipe/profile size 42 mm
Pipe wall thickness 1.5 mm

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