Powder coating

A product made of metal often requires another finishing action - painting. And if aluminum products can be left in their original form, with the natural metallic luster of the surface, then steel objects made from non-stainless steel require the necessary protection of the surface against corrosion.

The best way to prevent rust on the surface of steel products, in terms of price-quality ratio, is painting. Among all the methods of coloring the most economical and rational is the method of powder painting.


Powder coating is performed by spraying the consumable material (powder paint) onto the prepared surface of the product. Paint particles are retained due to the electrization of the surface of the product To fix the paint on the surface, the product is placed in the polymerization chamber. There, the paint, applied as a thin layer of powder, is sintered, which results in a stable top layer. The product comes out of the camera painted.


  • economical use of paint;
  • non-waste technology;
  • uniform distribution of paint over the entire surface;
  • protect the surface from external influences and from corrosion;
  • a huge selection of shades;
  • getting a durable wear-resistant coating;
  • product life extension.


    Our company performs powder coating of metal (steel and aluminum) products. The dimensions of what you want to paint are limited only by the dimensions of our sintering chamber: 1100x1900x3900 mm (WxHxD). We can paint both finished products and metal blanks (sheet, profile, etc.) For powder dyeing, we use high-quality paint from foreign manufacturers to get a perfect result. Before painting, we perform the preparation of products (the surface must be cleared of dirt and other foreign layers). You can choose a suitable shade from the existing palette.


    The cost of powder coating per square meter of surface - from 80 to 120 UAH. Feel free to call us to clarify the details - we are always happy to talk with you!

    If you need powder painting Kiev and the region, please contact us - we are ready to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively paint your products!

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