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Tower VIRASTAR "COMPACT" (0.8x1.7 m) 4+1

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Tour tower with a lightweight base with VIRASTAR "Compact" 1+1 jacks with floor dimensions of 0.8x1.7 m and a working height of 7,1 m.


Tower VIRASTAR "COMPACT" has jacks, so it is very stable:

  • tower does not require the use of tools during installation and dismantling;
  • all elements of the tour tower are specially painted in their own colors - this simplifies assembly;
  • a feature of the tower tour is a small floor area;
  • tower VIRASTAR "COMPACT" is designed for outdoor and indoor use;
  • 4 wheels with a convenient foot brake are included in the package;
  • while working on the tower-tour, it is obligatory to block all wheels;
  • You can increase the height of the tower by adding intermediate sections;
  • the tour tower has flag locks for easy installation;
  • the working platform does not slip under your feet;
  • flooring material - moisture resistant plywood;
  • platform area 0.8x1.7 m;
  • for towers 4 + 1 and 5 + 1, inclined stabilizers should be installed;
  • tower VIRASTAR "COMPACT" corresponds to DSTU;
  • there is a quality certificate;
  • load 200 kg/m2;
  • manufacturer Ukraine;
  • warranty period 12 months.

Download quality certificate: sertyf_vyshky_virastar_23_24.jpg

Download catalog: Kompakt_Virastar.pdf

Download passport-instruction: kompakt-pasport.pdf

VST1708111+10,8х1,7 m1,6 m3,5 m2,6 m99 kg
VST1708212+10,8х1,7 m2,8 m4,7 m3,8 m122 kg
VST1708313+10,8х1,7 m4,0 m5,9 m5,0 m145 kg
VST1708414+10,8х1,7 m5,2 m7,1 m6,2 m190 kg
VST1708515+10,8х1,7 m6,4 m8,3 m7,4 m213 kg


Material steel
Decking size 0.8х1.7 m
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Tower height 6.1-7.0 m
Number of intermediate sections 5
Type Вышки-туры
Platform height 5.1-6.0 m
Scope of application professional
Guarantee 1 year
Working height 7.1-8.0 m

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