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10 professions where ladders are used
10 professions where ladders are used
  • Car service

All cars need washing from time to time, and company cars also need flashing lights serviced. To comfortably reach the top of the car, stand on a stepladder. The NOVA VIRASTAR aluminum stepladder is suitable for car servicing.

  • Repair of machines or equipment

In an enterprise, equipment vital to production must be repaired urgently. As a rule, machines and other units are quite high, and a stepladder is required for their repair. Aluminum double-sided stepladders provide a comfortable position for the service technician to repair equipment.

  • Window cleaning

Something as seemingly insignificant as washing windows is actually very important. After all, light enters the room through the windows. And this is reflected in the working conditions. Keeping your windows clean is also important. For washing glass, a one-sided stepladder with a hook for a bucket is useful - this way you don’t need to hold everything suspended, your hands will be free to work.

  • Electrical wiring

The modern world cannot live without electricity. When building a house, the most important step is electrical wiring. A residential building or industrial premises cannot do without light. An electrician may need a stepladder to carry out the wiring. It is best to choose a fiberglass or wooden stepladder, such as the VIRASTAR STEPPER.

  • Technological control of tanks, tanks or containers

In the food industry, tanks and tanks are basic containers, large in size, but absolutely indispensable for production. Servicing tanks, monitoring the technological process, repairing sensors and regulators require the technician to rise to the tank level. An aluminum stepladder can be used in the food industry because it is easy to clean, does not rust and has a long service life.

  • Laying out goods in a store

Shops are where we often go. We are used to taking the goods we need from the shelves. But in order to put goods on shelves where it is convenient for customers to take them, sellers often need a stepladder. Considering that you will often have to move the ladder from place to place, it is better to choose lightweight aluminum stepladders. Aluminum stepladders can be found here.

  • Agricultural machinery repair

In our country, the agricultural sector is of great importance. Agricultural machines are the basic mechanisms without which the industry cannot exist. Designed for different purposes, having different designs and sizes, every farmer has machines for agriculture. Repairing equipment, especially large ones, may require the use of auxiliary structures, such as stepladders. VIRASTAR aluminum stepladders are suitable for repairing agricultural machinery.

  • Plastering and painting walls

When a new house is built, it is put in order so that people feel comfortable in the premises. The walls are often plastered and then painted, or wallpapered, or the walls and ceiling are otherwise improved. Taking into account the height of a person, the height of the premises is usually at least 2.8 m. To reach the top edge of the wall and the ceiling, it is convenient to stand on a stepladder. The aluminum stepladder is simply designed to help with repairs. You can simply select the working height of an aluminum stepladder using the table, knowing at what level you will have to work.

  • Replacement of lamps, installation of lamps

When it gets dark, we feel uncomfortable if there are no lights nearby. To ensure visibility in the evening and at night, electricians install lights and lamps, change lamps, and repair automatic equipment. If the lantern is located at a height of up to 4 m, a stepladder with 8 steps is suitable for its maintenance.

  • Warehouse work

Warehouses are important premises for logistics. Without them, goods, products and other important things would be difficult to transport. You need to store goods in a warehouse not in disorder, but by placing them on rack shelves. To put or take something from a shelf, warehouses use different types of lifting structures - platforms, forklifts, lifts, ladders and stepladders. Stepladders are convenient because they are easy to carry to the workplace, do not require power supply, as for lifts, and do not require a wide passage, as for platforms. Stepladders are used without resting on a vertical surface, as is the case with ladders. High stepladders provide access to a height of up to 4 m.

You can choose from single-sided aluminum stepladders, double-sided aluminum stepladders, wooden stepladders, and stepladders with tool tray.

If you have questions about which stepladder to buy for your work, call us, we will recommend the best stepladder model and tell you what discounts are available now!

We wish you successful shopping!

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