• 29 June 2023
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4 advantages of tower towers over scaffolding
4 advantages of tower towers over scaffolding

For certain types of work, a ladder will not be the best choice - regardless of whether it is made of aluminum alloy, wood or fiberglass. Stairs are inconvenient to use when plastering, painting, installing glass, laying bricks or doing roofing work. But the installation of stationary scaffolding, which you have seen many times on construction sites, requires a lot of effort and considerable time. In such cases, tour towers are superior to all other designs!

1. Easy and quick to mount

Tour towers are a design for one person, and, therefore, even for private entrepreneurs and craftsmen, they are a good alternative to lightweight structures for climbing to heights (for example, stairs). Even the most bulky towers, whose height exceeds 15 m, are mounted by one person in a few hours. Compared to the assembly of stationary scaffolding, no special operator training is needed, the tower is mounted according to a simple scheme indicated in the attached instructions.

2. Tower tour is universal

There are many jobs that require a lot of stability or a large work area where a ladder is not suitable, as well as scaffolding. For such work, mobile tour towers are a useful golden mean, because they can be easily installed in a short time, and they provide a large working platform. Some tour towers can be placed on steps and curbs, which is useful if it was not possible to visit the object in advance and find out what condition the ground will be in.

3. The tour tower is light and easy to transport

Ladders are known for their lightness, they can be moved even on vehicles of modest size. Ladder owners can quickly respond and go to work. In cases where ordinary ladders may not be suitable for work, and installation of stationary scaffolding requires too much time, the tour tower is ideal for urgent repair work on the same day. A set of parts for a tower-tour fits freely in a bus or in a body, the weight of a tower 7 m high is about 200-300 kg.

4. Durable due to non-destructive materials

Some mobile aluminum towers are made of non-ferrous metal, not subject to corrosion, strong enough and durable. This is usually a big investment. The payback depends on how often the structures will be used. However, provided that steel towers are serviced and inspected by a qualified specialist on time, it can be reasonably argued that conventional steel towers will also last for many years. 

At the VIRASTAR plant, tour towers are manufactured according to DSTU standards. The surface of steel knots is carefully painted with powder paint, scaffolds are made of moisture-resistant plywood with an anti-slip pattern. We offer tower tours of various sizes, from 2 m to 20 m high. Regardless of the nature of the business, you are sure to find something that meets your requirements. If you need a little help, just give us a call and one of our courteous qualified access equipment experts will be happy to assist you!

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