• 22 August 2023
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Wooden stepladder and its advantages
Wooden stepladder and its advantages

When working at home, in the garden, in a warehouse, or at a workplace, it may be necessary to climb to a greater height than an adult's hand reaches. This is necessary in the construction industry, so in such cases, stairs are used. For lifting, tools of different heights, adjustable and non-adjustable, as well as ladders made of various materials are used. Traditionally, they used to be made of wood. 

Should I now choose a wooden staircase? Where is it most often used?

Wooden ladders are still a popular and commonly used tool for working at heights. Simple structures, convenient to use and maintain, they are used in households, agriculture, gardens, as well as construction sites. Often they are staffed by electricians or painting teams. Hence the name wooden painting stairs.

Production of wooden stairs

Wooden stairs must be made of high quality, specially selected wood (no knots). Otherwise, over time, when using a wooden ladder, knots may fall out, and as a result, the instrument will become unstable. Natural wood cannot be impregnated with chemicals. Hinges, reinforcing bars, stabilizing elements, chains, auxiliary handle must be made of galvanized steel (weather resistant). To reinforce the structure, manufacturers use galvanized reinforcing bars placed under the crossbar.

Using wooden ladders

Wooden stairs are most often used in gardening (cutting trees, shrubs, harvesting) and in the repair of electrical installations (wood is not conducts electricity, does not heat up or cool down). Nowadays, wooden stairs are also used as a decorative element in the home and garden.

When choosing a ladder, be guided by the working height (working range) and the manufacturer's recommendations, which indicate the maximum lifting height.

Storage of wooden stairs

Wooden stairs should be stored in closed, dry and ventilated areas so that the wood is not exposed to the weather. With proper care, wood will last for many years. Remember that stairs cannot be painted with paint, because we will not be able to notice depressions, cracks and stains that affect our safety.

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