• 29 August 2023
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Ladders and stepladders for companies
Ladders and stepladders for companies

Almost every company has at least one ladder. For painting, changing light bulbs, installation work, or simply to reach items stored high up. Each company employee probably climbed a ladder or stepladder. How to use them is actually clear. However, there are certain application errors that repeatedly make these tools a source of accidents.


Before buying a ladder, consider the following points:

  • Required number of stairs
  • Stair size
  • The material from which the stairs should be made
  • Stair types

Depending on the needs of the company, the purpose of use, as well as environmental and working conditions, the entrepreneur must evaluate how much and what means he needs to climb to a height.

Instructing employees

A fall, even from a small height, can cause serious harm to health. For this reason, all employees must be instructed on how to use ladders and ladders.

Proper and safe handling of ladders

Typical features of stairs should be taken into account.

And additional dangers:

  • Public and domestic movement,
  • Strong wind
  • Slippery, muddy ground,
  • Large machines with moving parts of the system,
  • Channels, bumps, shafts,
  • Items that can fall.

Safe handling of stairs

  • Stairs should be inspected before use to ensure they are in good, defect-free condition. Any defects found must be reported to the employer. Damaged stairs cannot be used.
  • More than one person cannot climb the stairs at the same time. Do not deviate while working on the stairs.
  • Do not use ladders in hazardous weather conditions such as inclement weather or snow. Always place ladders on a stable and level surface (do not use boxes, rocks or tables.)
  • Wear suitable, sturdy footwear when using the ladder.
  • It must always be possible to stand and hold safely.

Testing stairs

The employer is responsible for safety at work. In addition to testing large working systems and machines, he should not forget about smaller working equipment such as stairs and ladders. They also need to be checked regularly to ensure they are free of defects and in a safe condition. Operating conditions determine how often and to what extent tests must be carried out.

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