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Fastening scaffolding
Fastening scaffolding

How closely do you monitor your scaffolding from the point of view of occupational safety? "The manufacturer knows what he is doing", — many say and trust their supplier. What should you pay attention to when working with scaffolding to be safe?

On construction sites, it happens that the scaffolding was not attached to the structure of the building properly. Sometimes the fastening is even completely absent. And then we ask ourselves: was it really necessary to calculate the fixings before starting the scaffolding work? This is the rule if the fastening is different from what is specified by the manufacturer in the scaffold construction permit. Scaffolding must be fixed with anchors and clamps.

Scaffolding: Your Responsibilities as a Customer

As a general rule, the scaffolding installer has the necessary knowledge to determine if the scaffolding is installed correctly and with the attachment to the facade. Therefore, the client is happy to hand over the responsibility for scaffolding installation to him. But if there is an obvious source of risk on the scaffolding, the builder and craftsmen must also notice it and ensure that the defect is eliminated.

How we, scaffolding manufacturers, ensure safety on the construction site

Fixing scaffolding

We do not compromise when it comes to occupational safety. The priority is compliance with all recommendations regarding the correct installation of scaffolding. Of course, this also includes professional fastening of construction scaffolding.

For securing scaffolding, staples (fixing to the wall), swivel and non-swing clamps are used. Clamps are used to clamp the fastener (braces), and the fastener is attached to the anchor with the help of a hook (anker is an anchor in German). The anchor must be screwed into the wall of the building. Scaffolding fasteners must be fixed along the facade in a staggered order, through one rack, but with the mandatory fixation of the outer frames. Non-rotating clamps are used for fixing perpendicular pipes, rotatable - for diagonals with racks.

The VIRASTAR company is an expert in the field of construction scaffolding. We manufacture building structures in accordance with the requirements of DSTU, monitor quality in the production process.

Our products for access to height have certificates of conformity, we have many years of successful experience in supplying construction companies with scaffolding, tower-tower, formwork , stepladders and ladders, which testifies to the reliability of the structures we produce. 

We are ready to provide you with reliable products at favorable prices. Contact us if you need a free calculation of scaffolding!

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