• 12 October 2023
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NEW: PETROS aluminum scaffolding
NEW: PETROS aluminum scaffolding

In the fall of 2023, the Ukrainian manufacturer VIRASTAR began producing PETROS aluminum scaffolding. The new aluminum model is intended for use in the construction industry, as well as by craftsmen of various profiles, for home and garden use.

Why was the new scaffolding model launched?

To work safely at height, strong structures are needed to minimize risks to workers. Some people use ladders, others use towers or stepladders. However, construction scaffolding is very popular among builders working indoors.

Advantages of construction scaffolds

  • The scaffolding has a small width to make it convenient to work in the room.
  • A platform of considerable length allows you to take a step left and right, which is impossible while standing on the stairs.
  • The work site is closed with a fence for the safe work of the worker.
  • The design is both durable and lightweight, and can be easily moved.
  • Horizontal stabilizers enhance the stability of the scaffold on different surfaces: both on a smooth floor and on rough asphalt.

What kind of work is done using scaffolding?

  • Ceiling repair,
  • Painting,
  • Wall putty,
  • Wiring installation,
  • Installation of air conditioners,
  • Wallpapering,
  • Repair and installation work on the street,
  • Washing windows, etc.

What design features does the PETROS scaffold have?

  • Wide stabilizers for durability;
  • Working platform made of moisture-resistant plywood with an anti-slip pattern;
  • Possibility of installing the flooring at the desired height;
  • Availability of fence railings;
  • Diagonal ties for structural strength;
  • Easy installation with screws.

When folded, the platform does not take up much space. Individual units are light in weight, which is important when moving and assembling them. Even a person without experience can assemble PETROS aluminum construction scaffolding; the installation instructions will help you with this.

The mini tower has a surface that is not subject to corrosion, which means that the product will last a long time without being destroyed by rust.

If necessary, you can mount PETROS scaffolding so that it stands on a curb or at a height difference.

If you have any questions regarding PETROS aluminum scaffolding, call us and we will be happy to answer them!

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