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Home renovation: turn to reliable scaffolding professionals
Home renovation: turn to reliable scaffolding professionals

Scaffolding is used to repair and restore destroyed buildings.

Wedge-and-clamp scaffolding can be erected to a height of up to 30 m, frame scaffolding - up to 40 m in height, transom scaffolding - up to 60 m for finishing work (for brickwork, the height of transom scaffolding is up to 40 m).

Often buildings have to be cleared first to make repairs possible. However, in many cases the inconvenience can be minimized if the renovator builder has a suitable scaffolding specialist.

The inability to move and buy or rent a new home, living in a familiar area - these are the reasons when residents want their destroyed house to be restored as soon as possible. If the damage is significant, repairs involve more than just cosmetic repairs: damage must be repaired, construction technology updated, and possibly complete electrical, heating and water replacements. Thanks to scaffolding, you can rise to a height of up to 40 m and repair the building both in a separate place and along the entire facade.

The right scaffolding can speed up a project

Free-standing scaffolding will provide optimal access for construction workers and other professionals.

The scaffolding design can withstand a sufficient load so that builders can place bricks, cement, and insulating materials on the platform. If other apartments do not need renovation, scaffolding will not block their windows. A “metal construction web” can only be erected on the desired site. Climbing to the upper tiers is carried out using frame ladders. Additional ladders that weigh down the scaffolding structure are not needed.

But there must be guardrails along the decks so that workers can do their work safely.

The basis for the stability of scaffolding is the support heels (shoes) or jacks, when the terrain is uneven and it is necessary to level the scaffolding in order to level out the difference in height.

When it comes to building renovation, we recommend that you turn to the leading scaffolding manufacturer VIRASTAR, which has many successfully completed projects using Virastar scaffolding.

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