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What is the difference between platform height and working height?
What is the difference between platform height and working height?

When searching for a mobile tower or scaffolding, you come across many different professional terms. Whether you are choosing a steel or aluminum tower, scaffolding or working platform, you are asked - what working height do you need and what platform height are you looking for? In professional terms, determining the platform height or working height remains the most important factor when choosing a mobile building structure. But what does this actually mean and what is the difference between these two terms? This will become clear now. Using a simple example, we will determine the value of the platform height and the working height.

Platform height of a mobile tower

It's actually very simple. Platform height is the height of the platform you will be working on, measured from the ground. Therefore, if you install the platform at a height of 8.20 meters, then the height of your platform will be 8.20 meters.

The height of a mobile tower tower is usually about one meter higher than the height of the platform, this is achieved by fencing around the perimeter of the site, so in this example your mobile tower tower will have a height of 9.20 meters (8.2 + 1 = 9. 2 m). So, we have a platform height of 8.2 m and a tour tower height of 9.2 m. Now let’s determine the working height of the tour tower.

Mobile tower working height

What does working height mean? How can you calculate it? The working height is calculated by adding two meters to the height of the platform. Two meters is the average height of a person with his arms raised to work. In our example, with a platform height of 8.2 m, the working height will be 10.2 meters (8.2 + 2 = 10.2 m). The average Ukrainian can reach a height of 2 meters with both arms raised, so we use this value to determine the working height. Therefore, you buy a mobile tower depending on the height you want to reach, no matter whether it is a cleaning job or installing solar panels.

This definition of working height applies not only to towers or scaffolding. The working height of a stepladder or mobile platform is determined in the same way.

If you still doubt whether you have chosen the right tower in terms of working height, call us, we will help you determine the required height of the tower in accordance with the working height and platform height.

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We wish you successful shopping!

What is the difference between platform height and working height?

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