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Tour tower - what works is it used for?
Tour tower - what works is it used for?

What is a tower? It is a building structure made of metal that allows workers to reach heights. It has rollers for easy movement and additional sections for gaining height. The highest tower towers reach a height of up to 20.7 m. There is a certain similarity with scaffolding in purpose, both are used by builders, but the main thing that distinguishes them is the ability of tower towers to move. For many years, workers have been able to safely and comfortably lift up work material and perform tasks at a certain height on a non-slip platform with guards on 4 sides.

Where are towers used?

A tower tower is needed at a construction site, in a warehouse, in production, in agriculture, etc.

Workers in various industries use tower tours.

Repair and restoration of the building facade

New buildings may need cladding, then it is convenient to install a tour tower nearby, the height of which can reach 20.7 m, and, starting from the top, carry out façade repairs, gradually reducing the height of the tower. To do this, the intermediate section is removed and the height of the tower tower is reduced by 1.2 m. The tour tower is also used for restoration and repairs inside the building. The tour has wheels, so it can be easily moved to another place.

Renewal of historical monuments

To update the monument, you can use the tour tower. It is convenient to place materials and tools used by the master on the platform.

Installation of air conditioners

If the air conditioner is installed on any floor up to 7, you can use a tower. It can be placed under the wall of the house, and the master can conveniently and safely install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

Roof repair

This is a painstaking job that often requires removing the old roof covering, treating the wooden beams with an antifungal solution, and laying a new covering. On the platform of the tower you can put both the removed old coating and the new one that will be laid, as well as tools for work.

Tree pruning

Often a bucket truck is brought in to trim trees. But, if this is not possible, a tour tower will come in handy. It can acquire the desired height by building up sections. The operator will be able to safely position himself on the site to cut dry branches.

Ventilation system gasket

The air channels are located at the top, so getting to them can be problematic. To adjust the ventilation systems in the building, a tower is installed in the room, onto which workers climb. You can buy narrow towers, or you can buy wide ones - with a platform of 2x2 m, then the worker, tools, and materials will fit on the platform.

For many other things, a tour tower is also used, which you can buy right now on the manufacturer’s website. The VIRASTAR company produces low and high, wide and narrow towers, the prices of which are quite affordable.

Call us to find out delivery conditions, cost of components, characteristics of the towers!

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