• 29 November 2023
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COMPACT tower - small professional scaffolding
COMPACT tower - small professional scaffolding

There are many situations where a ladder is not the best way to work at heights. One situation, of course, is that any tasks that need to be performed are risky to perform using a ladder. In such situations, mobile tower tours are best suited; they are easy to assemble yourself. The VIRASTAR COMPACT is designed for use by one person, and even two beginners can easily assemble the tower-tour.

The well-thought-out design of the tower makes transportation and installation simple:

  • two bases are installed on wheels and with jacks,
  • diagonal is mounted,
  • the first stair frames are installed,
  • place horizontal dumbbells,
  • ties are put on flag locks,
  • if necessary, increase the height of the frames, alternating them with dumbbells,
  • every 3 tiers the structure is reinforced with a volumetric diagonal,
  • each frame is fixed with ties,
  • the flooring is installed at the required height,
  • The design is completed by a section of red fencing.

For taller models, there are stabilizers that are attached to each corner to provide additional safety for the person working on the tower. There are additional sides that will ensure your safety and prevent anything from falling from the platform onto the ground, which could potentially injure people.

The tour tower is optionally equipped with an additional staircase kit so that you can use VIRASTAR COMPACT where varying terrain heights make installation difficult - for example, on external staircases in university buildings, where replacing external lights is an important but risky job.

Since the COMPACT tower tower is a buildable structure, you can purchase additional sections as needed: you can start with the COMPACT tower 1+1, building it up when necessary. Investing in extra sections will prove to be very beneficial and it is certainly safer than using a ladder. Plus, you'll get more done without having to go up and down to get tools and materials to take with you to the job site. Each intermediate section kit includes side ladders, cable ties and dumbbells.

The tower is already equipped with durable wheels equipped with toe-operated brakes that keep the tower securely in place during use. You won't have to worry about it rolling away and you'll be clinging to it for dear life.

The VIRASTAR COMPACT tour tower can be easily transported in trucks and buses. The individual components are light enough to be carried. Due to the fact that each unit is painted in its own color, installation is simple and straightforward. Tour towers are quickly assembled even in limited spaces.

If you are looking to replace your ladder with something more durable or want to do more varied work and find that a ladder simply won't cut it in those situations, then the best solution is the VIRASTAR COMPACT tower to buy. This building structure is excellent value for money!

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