• 17 August 2023
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How to facilitate work on scaffolding?
How to facilitate work on scaffolding?

Scaffolding work is not a picnic. But even if the work at the construction site is hard, the body should not hurt from it.

What should lifting and carrying methods look like, what means can be used and what should be taken into account so as not to damage one's health?

Often there is time trouble at work, the work must be done quickly - and suddenly your back grabs when you try to lift a bag of cement or other weights. In this case, you can say goodbye to hard work for the next few weeks or go on sick leave. But it shouldn't be like that.

Our spine helps us with lifting and carrying heavy things, but in fact it is only partly designed for this. For example, it is known that our intervertebral discs degrade at some point due to constant stress and become sensitive and brittle in the process. Result: problems with the intervertebral disc (perhaps even disc herniation) and, as a result, frequent severe pain.

In the construction industry, where you often have to carry heavy loads, back problems are not uncommon. However, a few rules will significantly reduce the risk of getting back problems.


Reduce the weight of the load (buying fewer materials or splitting into several parts). Appropriate technical aids, such as lifts, should also be used. If it is not possible to avoid carrying loads by hand, wheelbarrows or carts should be available.

Organizational measures should also be taken. Instead of forcing one person to carry weights, a second person should be called to work.


Feet shoulder width apart

hold the load firmly: always use both hands whenever possible

always rise from a squat, keeping your back long and straight

always squat and keep your back straight

share heavy loads, walk multiple times, or carry a load together

be sure to use available tools

no sudden movements when lifting the load

do not twist your upper body when lifting


Before starting work, you should plan what materials and tools you will need. Consideration should be given to their transportation, storage and placement on the construction site. What is used frequently should be easily accessible and easily moved.

The daily workload must be realistically estimated and planned. Too much time pressure and lack of small breaks lead to unnecessary stress that can make you sick. Avoiding stress and mental strain is also part of proper planning in a building project.

Sufficient freedom of movement must be provided for work. Working in an uncomfortable or unnatural position can have negative health consequences.


Wheelbarrows, stair climbers, lifts, cranes must be used if available. There is an opinion that without technical means it is faster or easier, but it often turns out to be the opposite. Your body will also thank you for it.

Non-slip rubber grips, telescopic rods or other tools adapted to the job at hand are of great importance.

Work clothes also matter. With a belt to support the back, the load on the spine can be reduced, and with mats or pads to protect the knees, working on the knees will become less painful.


Choose scaffolding that is easy to assemble. For example, VIRASTAR STANDART frame scaffolding is quickly and easily mounted without tools. The simplest assembly avoids unnatural postures or prolonged lifting and holding heavy parts.

Proper working conditions must be guaranteed by the employer, but workers can also contribute to their health by lifting and carrying loads correctly and using the work equipment and tools provided.

However, everything starts with the right scaffolding, and we are ready to provide it to you!

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