Stepladders aluminum

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The stepladder is a convenient sliding ladder that allows you to work safely at height, and also has a compact size when folded. The use of aluminum alloy for the manufacture of ladders provides corrosion resistance, which is especially important for work in the open air or in rooms with high humidity. In addition, aluminum products are lighter than steel counterparts, making transportation significantly easier. At the same time, aluminum ladders have the necessary strength and require a long service life.

Aluminum ladders are made with one-sided or two-sided lifting, that is, steps are performed on one section of the ladder or on both. Often, one-sided models are more compact and lightweight, whereas double-sided structures allow you to quickly climb from either side of the stairs.

Often, aluminum ladder is equipped with anti-slip tips, which provide high-altitude equipment with good stability on different surfaces. Sometimes ladders are equipped with wide horizontal stabilizers that increase the stability of the structure as a whole.

Aluminum step-ladders with success are applied both in life, and in professional sphere. This equipment can be used for repair, installation, construction, gardening, offices, private houses, warehouses, etc. In an effort to make work at height more convenient and safer, manufacturers install clamping elements, perform anti-slip step profiling, equip the upper step with a handrail security, cover metal edges with plugs. Some aluminum ladders can be equipped with rollers that make it easy to move the tooling to the place of use. The wide top platform is conveniently located by the possibility of placing the tool and the equipment used on it.

If you decide to buy an aluminum ladder, then you need to determine the number of steps, given the height of the proposed work. The convenience of the stepladder is the ability to fold it, since the compactly folded stepladder can be stored in small rooms. High performance characteristics make aluminum ladders practical, comfortable and in demand in various fields.