Three-section ladders

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The multifunctional design of three-section ladders makes their use convenient and allows you to perform various types of work at height. The ladder consists of three sections, which are interconnected by metal fasteners. The model can be Y-shaped, transformed into an L-shaped ladder, added or added extended.

The advantages of the U-shaped staircase consist in an increase in the working height, which will allow to carry out installation, repair, and finishing with greater comfort. Ladder 3 sectional is characterized by relatively high stability, which will allow to install the ladder away from the walls. To make the construction even more stable, a stabilizer was implemented - a lower metal horizontal support, the ends of which are supplied with anti-skid support tips. By purchasing a three-section ladder, you will have in your arsenal universal high-altitude equipment that can be used as an added or extended ladder when repairing or painting a house, while performing assembly, repair, finishing and other work both indoors and out. Thanks to the extended third section, working on the U-shaped stairs is convenient and safe. Steps made of metal can have a profiled surface that prevents the master's feet from sliding, and also helps to hold tight when lifting, even with wet hands.

Modern technologies make three-section ladders durable, functional and convenient high-altitude equipment. An important advantage of this modification is the possibility of compact folding, so that the ladder can be stored even in small rooms. A special red stage is a signal that it is not safe to climb higher. So that the folding 3-section ladders do not move apart more than they should be, there are strong tightening belts that limit the unfolding.

The 3-section ladders provide an opportunity to rise higher than two-section folding models allow. With the same number of steps in the section, you will be able to work at a higher height using the trump, the third pull-out section.

Three-section ladders are manufactured by VIRASTAR from high-strength aluminum profiles with the use of high-quality accessories (support tips, belts), which ensures a long service life. You can buy a three-section ladder from the manufacturer at a reasonable cost on our website.