VIRASTAR assault ladder

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Virastar assault ladder 15 steps, length 4.15 m, width 30 cm, steps 28 cm, weight 7.85 kg


The VIRASTAR assault ladder is used by rescuers to climb to the following heights:

  • the assault ladder has the main difference - a jagged hook in the upper part for hooking onto the support;
  • the ladder is hooked to a window opening, roof, balcony, ledge so that rescuers can climb up;
  • aluminum ladder resistant to flame and high temperatures;
  • the steel hook has teeth for reliable engagement;
  • reliable fastening of the hook to the ladder ensures the strength of the assault;
  • the crossbars are rigidly fixed in the profile of the sidewalls of the stairs;
  • the crossbars have anti-slip corrugation on all sides;
  • the fire escape has passed strength tests and can be used in difficult conditions;
  • in an extreme situation, attack saves time, because it does not need to be unfolded;
  • the simple design of the ladder ensures that it is always ready for use;
  • the assault ladder does not require power to extend to the desired height;
  • the lightweight aluminum ladder can be carried without much effort;
  • the VIRASTAR assault ladder is used by rescuers to access fires, extinguish fires, rescue people, and clear debris;
  • training and training sessions for EMERCOM personnel are also carried out using an assault ladder;
  • the VIRASTAR assault ladder is made with 15 steps;
  • staircase length 4.15 m;
  • width 30 cm;
  • crossbar pitch 28 cm;
  • ladder weight 7.85 kg;
  • country of origin: Ukraine.
Overall Height 4.15 m
Scope of application professional
Material aluminum+steel
Number of steps 15 steps
Weight 7.85 kg
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Width 30 см

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