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Scaffolding VIRASTAR Mini M1 1,5x0,6 m

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Scaffolding VIRASTAR Mini M1 1.5x0.6 m is used for indoor or outdoor work. The height of the scaffold is 2 m. The working platform is 1.5x0.6 m. Made of steel, the surface is powder coated.


Convenient and mobile platform VIRASTAR Mini is successfully used inside and outside buildings:

  • easy transportation of VIRASTAR Mini scaffolds is ensured by two pairs of wheels;
  • the wheels are made swivel;
  • blocking of the movement is carried out by a foot brake;
  • rollers are removed if necessary;
  • horizontal and diagonal ties increase the rigidity of the structure;
  • crossbeams on which lifting is carried out, reliably welded to racks;
  • the base ladder has a height of 1.5 m;
  • there is a large and comfortable platform for work;
  • the platform allows convenient accommodation for personnel with auxiliary materials and tools;
  • wooden flooring eliminates slippage of shoes;
  • the area of the working platform is 1.5x0.5 m;
  • the platform is also designed to work in atmospheric conditions;
  • the working platform is made with a durable metal profile;
  • thanks to the small width of the platform VIRASTAR Mini pass through the doorway;
  • high handrails of a protection provide safety of work;
  • special tools and additional qualifications of personnel for the installation of scaffolds are not required;
  • installation is carried out using flag connections.

Download the quality certificate: sertyf_vyshky_virastar_23_24.jpg

Download the catalog: virastar_mobi_mini_ua_en.pdf

Download the passport-instructions: pasport_Virastar_Mini.pdf

VST180604M12,0 m1,1 m3,3 m1,5х0,5 m33 kg
VST180605M23,0 m1,9 m 3,6 m1,5х0,5 m48 kg
VST180606M34,0 m2,7 m4,6 m1,5х0,5 m60 kg


Scope of application semiprofessional
Material steel
Decking size 0.6х1.5 m
Country of origin of goods Ukraine
Overall Height 2.0 m
Weight 33 kg
Maximum load 200 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Platform working height 3.3 m

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