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Modular wedge-clamp tower VIRASTAR (0.6x2.0 m) VM-10

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Modular wedge-clamp tower VIRASTAR ВМ-10 with a working height of 11.1 m. Material - steel.


Modular wedge-clamp tower VIRASTAR VM is a construction device for working at height:

  • Tower tour can be used on flights of stairs;
  • Scope of a tower rounds: construction, repair, installation, adjustment, service;
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use;
  • A special advantage of the wedge-clamp tower is the ability to work on three tiers simultaneously (for high towers VM-9, VM-10);
  • Floor area 0.6x2.0 m;
  • Platform material - anti-slip moisture resistant plywood;
  • The flooring is attached to the rungs of the stairs with hooks;
  • Greater stability of the wedge-clamp tower-tours is provided by wide horizontal support beams;
  • The surface of the tower is painted to protect against corrosion;
  • All 4 wheels of the tower are equipped with foot brakes;
  • While working on the tower-tour, the wheels must be locked;
  • Tower modular wedge-clamp VIRASTAR VM assembled conveniently moves to the place of work;
  • Maximum deck load 200 kg;
  • Warranty period 12 months;
  • Producer Ukraine;
  • Tower tour modular wedge-clamp VIRASTAR VM at the request of the buyer is completed with jacks, wheels, fixed supports, stabilizers.

Additional items if necessary (not included in the price!):

  • VSW07 Support post for VIRASTAR wedge-clamp scaffolding,
  • VSF10 Scaffolding jack VIRASTAR 350 mm,
  • C200 Wheel for tower tour VIRASTAR 200 mm,
  • VSF14 Non-adjustable support for VIRASTAR scaffolding.

Download quality certificate: sertyf_vyshky_virastar_23_24.jpg

Download passport-instruction: pasport_BM.pdf

VSTE22007510,6х2,0 m1,2 m3,1 m2,3 m108 kg
VSTE32007510,6х2,0 m2,2 m4,1 m3,3 m128 kg
VSTE42007510,6х2,0 m3,2 m5,1 m4,3 m190 kg
VSTE52007520,6х2,0 m4,2 m6,1 m5,3 m272 kg
VSTE62007520,6х2,0 m5,2 m7,1 m6,3 m333 kg
VSTE72007520,6х2,0 m6,2 m8,1 m7,3 m346 kg
VSTE82007520,6х2,0 m7,2 m9,1 m8,3 m387 kg
VSTE92007530,6х2,0 m8,2 m10,1 m9,3 m450 kg
VSTE102007530,6х2,0 m9,2 m11,1 m10,3 m491 kg
Guarantee 1 year
Number of intermediate sections 3
Maximum load 200 kg
Scope of application professional
Material steel
Decking size 0.6х2.0 m
Platform height 9.1-10.0 m
Tower height 10.1-11.0 m
Working height 11.1-12.0 m
Country of origin of goods Ukraine

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