• 7 February 2024
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New: NOVA PLUS aluminum stepladder with tool tray
New: NOVA PLUS aluminum stepladder with tool tray

In the winter of 2024, we launched another model of stepladders - VIRASTAR NOVA PLUS! It is made of aluminum profile with a section of 20x40 mm and 20x33 mm. Its difference from the previous VIRASTAR NOVA model is the presence of a tool tray and a hook for hanging a bucket.

Why did we launch a stepladder with a tool tray?

Having been selling equipment for access to heights for many years, we diligently studied the needs of customers. Along with the reliability and quality of a high-rise structure, every buyer wants additional benefits that increase ease of use. If it is possible to purchase not just a stepladder, but a stepladder with some kind of “bonus”, for example, a tool shelf (at about the same price ±3%), then the buyer will choose a stepladder with an additional option. Moreover, we ourselves know from our own experience that a stepladder with a tray is easy to use.

We planned the production of stepladders with a tool tray from the moment we launched the production of NOVA aluminum stepladders. Time passed, and we brought our idea to life and began producing aluminum stepladders with a tool shelf. The universal design of the one-sided stepladder of the previous model was taken as the basis. The simple configuration of the NOVA aluminum stepladder has been complemented by a permanent tool tray. To prevent the tray from accidentally turning over and the tool falling when you have already climbed up and started working, we made the tray non-removable.

Many holes are provided for small tools that may be needed for working at heights. A bucket hook is also present, which is convenient when you wash something, paint or collect fruit. A tray with a hook frees your hands to work; you don't have to hold things in your hands or figure out where to put them.

Durable plastic compartment tray to separate small tools that are placed there.

Like all accessories for VIRASTAR ladders and stepladders, the tool tray is made in blue.

The aluminum one-sided stepladder VIRASTAR NOVA PLUS can withstand 150 kg of weight, that is, you can climb up with a tool, a bucket, or whatever you need for work.

The clear anti-slip pattern of the steps is clearly felt when you climb onto the working platform, which, by the way, also has anti-slip corrugation. The upper step of 26x26 cm (also known as a platform) allows you to confidently stand with both feet. The platform automatically locks when the stepladder is unfolded.

We took care of the special corrugated surface of the support tips so that the ladder does not slide on the floor, but stands steadily even on a smooth surface.

We hope you like our latest stepladder model VIRASTAR NOVA PLUS. You can order it right now!

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