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Advantages of frame scaffolding
Advantages of frame scaffolding

In Ukraine, the most common type of scaffolding is frame scaffolding.

What types of projects are framed scaffolding used for?

The stability of the frame scaffold does not depend on any other structure. Horizontal and vertical supports intersect to form a grid, providing space for platforms and work tiers that allow crews to work safely at height.

Construction frame scaffolding:

  • Raised to working height,
  • Securely installed on the ground
  • Attached to the facade of the building,
  • They have fences along the decks,
  • The decking boards have an anti-slip surface.

The main advantage of frame scaffolding is that it is incredibly versatile. Instead of being rigidly attached to the building, they are conveniently built on, mounted and dismantled.

Regardless of the size of the project, frame scaffolding is widely used and is the best option for construction companies performing work at height.

How can you use frame scaffolding?

Frame-type scaffolding is one of the most versatile options for high-rise structures on a construction site.

Facade repair and cleaning

Framed scaffolding is ideal for access to the outside of a building.

Painting, replacing windows, even cleaning high-rise buildings - these jobs can be done while standing on frame scaffolding. In fact, it is the preferred equipment for restoring the façade of old or even historic buildings, since frame scaffolding does not damage the façade as suspended scaffolding can.

Maintenance and repair

Routine maintenance and repair work on buildings is difficult when using suspended scaffolding as it tends to interfere with the work. Framed scaffolding, on the contrary, allows you to safely carry out work on repairing and replacing roofs, cleaning gutters, and installing new signs.

Multi-storey construction

Frame-type scaffolding is also suitable for new construction projects, especially when a construction team is constructing a multi-story building. The tiers are easy to build on and allow you to work at different levels, so the team can switch between bricklaying, concreting and erection of structures every day without wasting time.

What are the advantages of frame scaffolding?

Safe workplace

Frame scaffolding is designed to stand without external support and is very secure. Its free-standing design minimizes the risk of collapse and falls.

To provide for workers, additional boards, fences and nets can be installed.

Quick installation and dismantling

If the assembly of a KHL requires the use of tools and fasteners, then frame scaffolding is erected much faster. This means saving time and costs, and the ability to complete the project on time.

Minimum costs

While other types of scaffolding require attachment to the building, freestanding frame scaffolding does not. External supports (stabilizers and jacks) can be used to make scaffolding more stable, preventing it from swaying from strong winds or bad weather.


Make any space accessible for construction work with an adaptable scaffolding design. This versatile system, designed for working at height, allows crews to complete their task safely.

Produced by professionals

At the VIRASTAR plant, frame scaffolding is produced in accordance with quality standards, using modern equipment, with control of operations and finished products in general. We monitor the quality of the frame scaffolds we produce so that you can work safely at height. If you want to replenish your inventory with scaffolding, call us or request a call back!

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