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Formwork racks - why and how are they used?
Formwork racks - why and how are they used?

What is a formwork post?

A formwork stand is, simply put, a vertical pole with a base plate that serves to hold other horizontal formwork elements at a certain height.

Formwork posts are irreplaceable elements that builders use when constructing a building to create floors, i.e. ceilings and floors of premises.

What is the function of the formwork posts?

Steel structures support other formwork elements when pouring concrete in a horizontal plane.

What sizes are the formwork posts?

The formwork stand is made with telescopic extension to adjust the height of the ceiling. If the racks were not telescopic, a large variety of rack sizes would be needed. 

Main dimensions of steel formwork posts:

The Virastar company produces formwork posts with a wall thickness of 3 mm (outer post Ø60 mm, inner post Ø48 mm). A stand with telescopic extension has internal and external parts - pipes that are inserted into one another. Holes in the rack allow you to change its height.

The surface of the racks is protected from corrosion by a paint coating. This allows you to avoid increasing the cost of formwork and ensure strength and durability.

Thanks to the telescopic design of the formwork posts, they can be used to create floors at different heights without using additional posts. Height adjustment is simple - carried out using steel locks.

How many formwork posts should I take?

The number of formwork racks is calculated based on the area of the room. Reinforced racks are used when the ceiling is of significant thickness or when there is a large distance between the racks.

The recommended distance between the formwork posts is 150 cm. The general rule is that the greater the load on the posts (the greater the concrete pressure), the closer the posts should be.

Reinforced formwork posts should be supported by reinforced tripods. The purpose of the tripods is to ensure the stability of the vertical posts of the formwork.

Each formwork post is equipped with a head, which serves to support the beams. If the formwork post stands at the junction of the beams, it must be equipped with a crown of 4 elements, and if the post supports the beam in the middle, a support head is installed on top.

You can buy formwork posts at the manufacturer's price directly on our website.

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