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Universal ladders - what are their multitasking and advantages?
Universal ladders - what are their multitasking and advantages?

Universal ladders - what are their multitasking and advantages?

Universal ladders consist of several sections, so they can take different positions:

  • The three-section ladder folds out into a ladder,
  • Can become a double-sided stepladder,
  • Folds out like an alpha stepladder (the letter U is inverted),
  • The third section can be removed and used as a second separate staircase,
  • All sections fold down for storage and transportation of the ladder.

Why are universal three-section ladders popular?

Because one 3-section ladder replaces several at once (additional, stepladder and α-stepladder position).

Such a ladder is needed by professionals at work and will be useful to you at home, for use in the garden, at the dacha or in a private house.

What professions require three-section ladders?

The universal 3-section ladder is used:

  • Builders,
  • Roofers,
  • When laying the Internet, etc.

Advantages of a three-section ladder:

  • Since three-section ladders are made of aluminum, they do not rust and are convenient to use outdoors;
  • Thanks to several working positions, the ladder can be adapted for use on different terrain;
  • The ladder is suitable for performing work at different heights;
  • The 3-section ladder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor renovations.

The aluminum three-section ladder is universal - it is used for work in the garden, at construction sites, for repairs, and for maintaining billboards. This is a popular high-altitude equipment for both professionals and home use.

Aluminum three-section stairs VIRASTAR TRIOMAX:

  • Multifunctional,
  • Sustainable,
  • Durable (withstands 150 kg),
  • Can be transported on the roof of a car,
  • Complies with European quality standards EN131.

Design Features:

  • Hooks securely fix the sections and prevent the ladder from unfolding during transportation;
  • Each crossbar is anti-slip on all sides;
  • The horizontal stabilizer ensures the stability of the ladder in all positions;
  • The steel guides are durable and ensure trouble-free extension of the sections;
  • PVC support tips allow the ladder to take a stable position even on a smooth floor;
  • The straps ensure that the sections remain in the correct position.

A three-section ladder allows you to climb to heights whenever you need it - at your workplace or at home. Choosing a reliable ladder that meets quality standards is an investment in your own safety. Along with electrical engineering and other technical means, an aluminum ladder is a basic tool.

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