Platform ladders

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Assessing the advantages of stable platforms with a comfortable working platform and lightweight stairs with high mobility and constant readiness for operation, the designers of the stairs have developed a special type of high-rise structures - stairs with a platform. These structures are characterized by the presence of the upper large working platform and good transportability.

Ladders with a platform have wide steps for convenient lifting, a handrail and the big working platform. On our site you can buy stairs with a platform folding and unfolding. Depending on the application and availability of free space, stationary models (factories, production sites, warehouses, shops, airports) or folding ladders with a platform (small rooms, offices, private use) are used.

Wheels of stairs with platforms are automatically blocked if the stairs are climbed. Thus, movement of a ladder with a platform during operation is excluded. In a vertical position, the ladder rests on support plugs made of anti-slip material. Slippage is excluded, as well as damage to the floor surface. The transition to the wheels takes place in an inclined position when transporting the ladder with the platform. To move the structure, one person is enough.

Ladders with a platform are more comfortable to use than stepladders or side-mounted models, since a large workplace is provided, where you can stand steadily, leaning on both legs. Thus, the necessary safety of work is ensured.

Our experts will help with the choice of the optimal model of a ladder with a platform - folding or stationary, one-sided or two-sided, with the optimal number of steps, so that you can buy a ladder with a platform with the most suitable configuration for you.