• 19 February 2024
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How to assemble the Mini scaffolding?
How to assemble the Mini scaffolding?

Construction scaffolding is a very useful thing for repairs or construction. No ladder, chair or stepladder will help you out as much as the simplest scaffolding can.

What is the advantage of scaffolding?

  • The scaffolding is stable and does not wobble;
  • They have a large working platform on which you can take a step left and right;
  • You can put near you the accessories that you need for work - a bucket, tools, parts, etc.;
  • The scaffold with wheels can be easily moved to another place to continue working further.

Yes, the advantages of scaffolding are obvious, but are they easy to assemble? If you are a craftsman working alone, should you buy scaffolding? If you are wondering in advance whether you can assemble the VIRASTAR MINI steel scaffolding yourself, perhaps our article will clarify the situation and give you confidence.

Where to start assembling construction scaffolding?

After unpacking the film, remove all the elements. If you choose a kit with wheels, attach the wheels with bolts and nuts to the base of the ladder. The wheels are special and have a foot brake to stop the movement of the scaffold.

  • It is necessary to install all 4 wheels or leave the scaffold completely without wheels, motionless.
  • Secure the diagonals with flag locks - this is a simple but reliable method of fastening building structures.

If your model is a VIRASTAR MINI M2 or M3 scaffold, you need to increase the height using additional ladder frames. The length of the additional ladder frames is 90 cm. The difference between the frames for the M2 mini-scaffold is that they do not have flag locks. While M3 frames have side ladders with and without flag locks.

Additional stairs also need to be secured with diagonal ties.

The length of the ties on the scaffold M1, M2, M3 is different:

  • Diagonal for M1 – 1.8 m;
  • Diagonal for M2 – 1.6 m;
  • Diagonal for M3 – 2.18 m plus top short diagonal tie.

High scaffolds M3 are also strengthened with diagonal ties.

  • Regardless of the model, railings are installed at the top. They are easy to install using the pipe-to-pipe method.
  • When the scaffolding has reached the appropriate height, place the deck at the desired level. The flooring has an area of 1.5 x 0.5 m. Not small and not large, optimal for a master so that he can put the necessary tools and accessories next to him.

That's it - you've assembled the scaffolding, now you can safely get to work!

We wish you to do your job well, safely and quickly!

If you are interested in what other scaffolding we can offer, come here and choose!

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